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Play Group

Our Play Group curriculum focuses on fostering social skills, creativity, and cognitive development through fun and engaging activities, ensuring a strong foundation for future learning.


In our Nursery curriculum, we provide a nurturing environment that promotes language development, cognitive growth, and motor skills through play-based learning, preparing children for their educational journey ahead.

Jr. KG

Our Jr. KG curriculum encourages exploration, critical thinking, and social interaction. Through a balanced blend of academics and play, we lay the groundwork for a love of learning and holistic development.

Sr. KG

In Sr. KG, we offer a comprehensive curriculum that prepares students for primary education. We focus on language proficiency, numeracy skills, creativity, and character development to foster well-rounded individuals.


Our primary curriculum emphasizes a well-rounded education, encompassing core subjects, critical thinking, and character development. We encourage students to become lifelong learners and independent thinkers, nurturing their talents and passions.


At the secondary level, we provide a dynamic and rigorous curriculum that fosters academic excellence, and critical analysis, and prepares students for higher education and future challenges. We strive to develop responsible global citizens.

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